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You be the judge

We understand it requires a lot of trust to put your code on a server you don’t manage yourself. According to our conditions, we have promised you to treat your code with full confidentiality. In practice, that means we will never look at your code.

Our system administrators are all certified IT professionals with years of experience, and have signed NDAs. All systems are monitored 24/7. We employ industry standard measures such as SSL, secure password hashing, identity verification, et cetera.

Dedicated SVN Servers

We think that having your code on a server that is well-maintained and up to date, makes your repository much safer from outside intrusions than having it on many home-brewed servers or on a webserver that is not dedicated to Subversion.

Questions or concerns?

We do whatever it takes to keep your code safe and secured. If you do have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also find out more about our European based servers by reading how reliable is your network?.

Let us help you sleep at night.