Enterprise Subversion solutions

Unlimited. Always up. Maximum security.


Unlimited users & repositories
Incident/change management
Best effort response times
50gb SSD storage
1vCPU, 2Gb memory


Customize your setup


Unlimited users & repositories
Best effort response times
100gb SSD storage
1vCPU, 4Gb memory
99,5% uptime guarantee


Customize your setup


Unlimited users & repositories
24/7/365 support
100gb mirrored storage
2vCPU, 4Gb memory
99,9% uptime guarantee


Customize your setup

Do you require further customization?

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All Inclusive subversion hosting

Dedicated versioning power

High performance Subversion hosting in our own cloud, on your own virtual machine. All the SVN power you need.

Managed security

Enterprise-class security, making sure your Subversion repositories are alway up, reachable, fast and secure.

Full control

While you code, our engineers are always available to help you out. Use our simple control panel or go all the way in the command line.

Extended support

Our team of engineers are friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. We work day in, day out on improving our Subversion hosting platform.

No-brainer Subversion

Repository settings and access can be managed by non-technical people (eg. project managers) using our SlikSVN control panel.

Want more?

We offer both standard plans as well as customized Subversion solutons to fit any need: on-premise solutions, extended support - you name it.


How are your Enterprise Solutions different from your regular plans?

Our regular plans fit the needs of professionals and smaller agencies. Our enterprise plans are built and customized to fit more complex cases: finely grained access control, improved security protocols, and access to our team of Subversion consultants.

How long does it take to start using my SlikSVN server?

First, we will create a quote for you based on your requirements in 1 business day. After your approval, our engineers will start up and configure your Enterprise Subversion server within 2 working days.

How secure is my data with you?

We cannot imagine a more secure way to host your repositories than using our Subversion Enterprise plans. We hyperactively manage and monitor your system on an infrastructure that is certifiably robust. Security measurements are more-than-fitting and continuously improving.

What if I need more than what you are offering?

Want to use both Git and Subversion? Do you want to integrate your repo's with your project management software? Do you want to run SlikSVN servers on your own infrastructure? We are more than happy to discuss your specific situation.