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Do you keep and maintain backups?

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Yes. We keep both real-time backups and take daily backup snapshots.

We have data loss minimization strategies in place.

First, twin-site storage for paid accounts. This means that all data is replicated continuously to two datacenters. So, if the primary datacenter loses power, the repositories will be available within minutes from the secondary datacenter.

Second, backup snapshots. These are taken daily and are kept for 28 days. These snapshots are stored in a third datacenter outside our normal locations. This is a safety measure in case a server or the cloud might get completely corrupted. It’s not used much in practice since repository actions are non-destructive.

For making a local backup of the repository, we recommend the svnsync command. This can be used to replay revisions to a clean repository. We support it for importing your existing repositories from some other place. You can also easily script it to automatically make complete backups of your remote repository locally.