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How reliable is your network?

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SlikSVN combines reliable infrastructure, fast hardware and an up to date platform to achieve the best performance possible.

Your code is important to you, we get that. We are developers ourselves.

Hosting your code on our very own servers is not only as huge responsibility, but also a great honor. It means you trust us, which puts a giant smile on our face.

European network

We host on our own European network with dedicated 24/7 management.

All of our Medium hosting plans and up come with an SLA with extended uptime guarantees.

Our Technology

Only the best is good enough. The combined grey matter and heavy metal of Slik SVN brings you the best possible uptimes.

Server Specs


  • Twin-site cluster for paid accounts (servers automatically take over on loss of a datacenter)
  • Ubuntu operating system
  • Subversion 1.9 with serf for fast pipelining
  • Apache 2.4 for performance and advanced encryption
  • Best HTTPS encryption (TLS 1.3, SHA2, Heartbleed/Poodle protected, “A” status on SSLtest)
  • 24×7 health monitoring

Storage Specs


  • Twin-site storage for paid accounts (data automatically replicates to two separate datacenters)
  • SSD local storage for free accounts
  • Backup snapshots, kept for 28 days, hosted off-site in a third datacenter

Network Specs


  • Own managed European network
  • Paid accounts protected by Fortigate hardware firewall
  • Redundant paths to network and storage
  • Diverse transit connections

Still not convinced?

We understand you want to know everything you need to know before uploading your code to our servers. Feel free to get in touch so we can go over any doubts or questions you might have.

Please don’t be shy, we are proud of our setup and love to talk about it.