How do I subscribe to a Slik SVN hosting plan?

Support » Administration » How do I subscribe to a Slik SVN hosting plan?

Getting started with SlikSVN is easy. Just follow these four steps.

1. Choose a Slik SVN hosting plan

Every user is different and we try to accommodate your needs with our hosting packages. Go ahead and take a look at our SVN hosting plans and decide which one best suits your needs.

Are you having a hard time selecting the right plan? Don’t worry, our support team loves helping you pick the right plan and will answers all of your questions.

Do you want more repositories, more users or simply more storage than any of the standard packages? Do not hesitate to contact us so we can tailor a SVN hosting plan around your needs.

2. Sign up through our easy to use sign up page

Now you made up your mind, head over to our sign up page. We will need some of your personal information so we can always identify you as the rightful owner of the repository.

After filling out your credentials you can request the desired names for your repositories. Please note that we use your company name as a prefix for your repository name, this is how it works.

Example: You request a repository called project. We will take the name of your company/organisation from the sign up and use that as a prefix. If your company name is ExcellentCode, the final repository will be named: excellentcode_project.

To finish your sign up hit the Get me started! button.

3. Confirm your email address

Our servers will process your request in a matter of seconds and send you a confirmation email. After you have confirmed your email address you will receive the login credentials for your repositories.

Please note that by filling out fake personal information your submission might be flagged by the system and held for moderation. This will delay the sign up process.

4. Receive your login credentials

After you confirmed your email address you will receive the url to your repository in your inbox in a matter of minutes. You can immediately start using your repository.

5. Paid subscribers: your invoice will arrive shortly

You will receive an invoice after the next invoice cycle, typically within a couple of business days. Please note our invoice- and subscription period is 12 months by default. You can pay your invoice using PayPal or international wire transfer.

Happy coding!